The sweaters were witty and high-design, parodies of Christmas sweaters that actually had a retro-chic, Jewishly-clueful style of their own.
— Marjorie Ingall, TABLET MAGAZINE
The past few years, I have eagerly anticipated seeing your new designs and wearing my oh-so-stylish, oh-so-festive Gelt Fiend Hanukkah sweater. Your clothing will continue to brighten my festival of lights in the years to come.
— Erika O., New York, NY
Thank you for the joy so many of us have received through your GeltFiend emails and website. My business partner bought me a sweater last year and I wear it so proudly, she’s getting a bit sick of it.
— Fern B., Chicago, IL
Your sweaters are the best thing since sliced challah.
— Michelle M., New York
I was having a horrible start to the work week... then I remembered I had some great sweaters on the way. I can’t wait! I was so excited last week that I ruined the surprise and told everyone what I had ordered for them.
— Ed W., Suffolk, VA
This will be the least lonely Xmas ever!
— "Chicky" Winkleman, Burlington, VT