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We're people people, excited about being part of Jewish (and non-Jewish) tradition all over the world---wherever GeltFiend goes, a little (or more than a little) fun will definitely follow.  

GeltFiend was officially founded in 2012 by Carin Agiman after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Agiman is the daughter of immigrants that struggled with American holidays, never knowing to what degree Jews were supposed to participate...which led to a lot of Jewish angst in Carin's little kid brain. It also led to a few returned Valentines, a couple of Halloweens hiding in a back room of the house with the lights off, and awkward moments on Santa's lap.

These days, being Jewish and being American seem very reconcilable, and GeltFiend is a celebration of that union between culture and national identity. We can have our gelt and eat it, too. 

OK. So you've heard of dreidel, right? The game. No, those Hassidic side curls are called peot. Right. So dreidel is a game, typically played at Hanukkah. We won't get into details, but dreidel can be played for 'gelt' which is foil-covered chocolate coins. You've seen them. 

Well, when you want the gelt you have more than you want to have gelt to play with, you know you have a problem. 

You, my friend, are a geltfiend.


Don't worry---we get back to everyone promptly (within 24 hours or much, much less): 

Media & Wholesale Inquiries: carin@geltfiend.com

Website Customer Service: heyjew@geltfiend.com



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